Our Mission


is a grassroots youth and women centre development organization founded in March 2005 as a Community Based Organization (CBO). It was established in response to a growing need for vibrant women and youth-centred civil society organization that will mobilized and empower the youth and women to initiate actions towards poverty reduction and good governance within the context of achieving sustainable development. The idea of CENPRODEG was basically to create a platform for the Youth and Women to engage government and its decentralized agencies on influencing policies and practices of government as well as enhancing the participation of these groups in the governance and development process.

By dint of hard work and commitment from its founding members, CENPRODEG developed in to a vibrant Civil Society Organization based in the Upper West Region of Ghana. It was legally incorporated under the companies code of 1963 (Act 179) by the Registrar General Department of Ghana as a Non-Governmental Organization in May 2008 and has since gained prominence in grassroots social mobilization, capacity building, evidence based advocacy and promoting the rights and participation of the youth and women decision making processes using rights based approaches to facilitate social change.

Women in business

CENPRODEG works with poor and vulnerable women in the Upper west region through a project titled Banking on Change. Up 9500 women mainly youth has so far benefitted from the project which focuses on: (a) Building household-level assets to better cope with economic shocks; (b) Promoting individual and community gardening; (c) Developing associations and cooperatives for production and marketing of products; (d) Establishing savings and credit initiatives, such as Village Savings and Loan Associations.

Capacity Building

Community Development Alliance’s 5 years of experience has demonstrated that capacity building requires an evolving relationship with local partners and youth groups. In capacity building CENPRODEG ultimately strives to move from acting as a mentor for local youth and women groups to becoming a partner working alongside them . Throughout this process, the transfer of knowledge and skills to local groups requires complementary adaptation to cultural attitudes and practices.

Climate Change Adaptation

CENPRODEG’s approach to climate change adaptation aims to mitigate and develop appropriate coping measures to address the negative impacts of climate change on development. A key component of our climate adaptation involves building resiliency in the capacity to tolerate shocks and rebuild itself when necessary. Our current climate adaptation work includes encouraging farmers to plant heat and drought-resistant crops in Upper West region of Ghana.