In recognition of the fact that, the Ghanaian government can no more single handily shoulder the responsibility of promoting and funding safe reproductive health programmes there is the need for the establishment of non-government organizations and/or agencies to support the government in bringing safe reproductive health to the door steps of the citizens of Ghana. Hence the formation of Youth Action on Reproductive Order (CENPRODEG) as to:

  1. Affirm that people (especially children, women and other vulnerable, marginalized and disadvantaged) are subjects of rights, that they are rights holders, and not objects of charity.
  2. Recognize the role, responsibility and commitment of the government of Ghana in assuring access to quality reproductive health care.
  3. Affirm the importance of advocacy and commitment to supporting advocacy efforts.
  4. Affirm mutual recognition and respect for different roles, values, and objectives of those involved in reproductive health and promoting reproductive health rights.
  5. Desirous of contributing to the promotion of reproductive health rights at all levels to ensure rights-based reproductive health programmes, polices, strategies, standards and guidelines and propelled by the urgent need to mobilize in support of reproductive health right.


WE WHOSE PARTICULARS ARE HERETO SUBSCRIBED on this day 21st of July 1999 DO HEREBY give to ourselves and to future members the CONSTITUTION AND RESOLVE as contained herein;


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